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Class 9 (Science Group)

It has been observed that students passing their 8th Class and opting for the Science Group for their Secondary School Certificate find their Mathematics quite difficult. A number of new topics like Matrices, Determinants and Logarithms etc. are introduced in this class. Students feel embarrassed and try to find Tuition Centers. However, many students are unable to join such centers due to their financial constraints.

An effort has been taken to release these students by providing free tuition for Mathematics through this website. To start with, questions in exercises of the following chapters of Mathematics Book Class 9 (Science Group) published by the Punjab Text Book Board, have been solved through videos.



  1. Unit 1       Matrices and Determinants
    • Introduction to Matrices
    • Types of Matrices
    • Addition and Subtraction of Matrices
    • Multiplicative Inverse of a Matrix
    • Solution of Simultaneous Linear Equations
  2. Unit 2       Real and Complex Numbers
    • Real Numbers
    • Properties of Real Numbers
    • Radicals and Radicands
    • Laws of Exponents / Indices
    • Complex Numbers
    • Basic Operation on Complex Numbers
  3. Unit 3       Logarithms
    • Scientific Notations
    • Logarithm
    • Common and Natural Logarithm
    • Laws of Logarithm
    • Application of Logarithm
  4. Unit 4       Algebraic Expressions And Algebraic Formulas
    • Algebraic Expressions
    • Algebraic Formulae
    • Surds and their Application
    • Rationalization
  5. Unit 5       Factorization
    • Factorization
    • Remainder Theorem and Factor Theorem
    • Factorization of a Cubic Polynomial
  6. Unit 6       Algebraic Manipulation
    • Highest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple
    • Basic Operations on Algebraic Fractions
    • Square Root of Algebraic Expression
  7. Unit 7       Linear Equations And Inequalities
    • Linear Equations
    • Equations Involving Absolute Values
    • Linear Inequalities
    • Solving Linear Inequalities
  8. Unit 8       Linear Graphs and Their Applications
    • Introduction
    • Cartesian Plane
    • Conversion Graphs
    • Graphical Solution of Equations in two variables
  9. Unit 9       Introduction to Coordinate / Descriptive Geometry
    • Introduction
    • The Distance Formula
    • Collinear Points
    • Mid Point Formula
  10. Unit 10          Congruent Triangles
  11. Unit 11          Parallelogram and Triangles
  12. Unit 12          Line Bisectors and Angle Bisectors
  13. Unit 13          Sides and Angles of a Triangle
  14. Unit 14          Ratio and Proportion
  15. Unit 15          Pythagoras’ Theorem
  16. Unit 16          Theorems Related with Area
  17. Unit 17          Practical Geometry – Triangles
    • Construction of Triangles
    • Figures with Equal Areas

For Geometry Section, Theorems are solved for convenience of the students.

It may be noted that this book is being taught in all government schools of the Punjab, affiliated with the Boards of Intermediate & Secondary Education including, the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad.

Students will find it very easy to understand as each question has been solved stepwise in the same way as a teacher teaches in the class. Students are also offered a special service that in case they do not follow or understand some point, they may ask questions by subscribing to the website and they will be given answer to their questions.

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